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Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)
New to Rise of the Reds? No worries, get your questions answered here:
What is Rise of the Reds?
Rise of the Reds, or simply ROTR, is a enhancement mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour. ROTR expands on the design of the original game and adds two new factions and new Generals to the fray while still keeping the same overall design elements of the original game.
Do I need Zero Hour to play Rise of the Reds?
Yes, with only the original/vanilla Generals you cannot play Rise of the Reds.
Can I play this mod on-line?
Yes. But you need to find other players who also have ROTR to play with. There are a lot of People who play ROTR on-line you can find them in the Mod Maps section in Generals On-line. You can also contact people on the forum to arrange online games. Additionaly we have set up official ROTR Hamachi Channels for players to arrange games together and play against others online.
Why did you choose the Alpha Generals for the original factions?
Rise of the Reds is actually consisted of 3 mods. A combination of a "Alpha Generals" mod; that changes the original generals to the game to these generals, Rise of the Reds; the addition of Russia to the game and Rise of Europe; the addition of the European Continental Army to the game - all create the new Rise of the Reds.
Will this mod be Mac Compatible?
Yes, we are planning to release a Mac version of ROTR.
Will this mod host tournaments?
Within a month after the release of the mod we will host our first ROTR Tournament. We also plan to establish other tournaments after more releases are put out.
Will you add a campaign?
At this time we are currently working on new maps in addition to the ones we've created already. We do plan to eventually create a campaign. For now you'll have to settle with our new maps.
Can I Play Zero hour without Removing Rise of the Reds?
Yes, ROTR comes along with a launcher which allows you to switch between Zero hour and ROTR so you enjoy both at the Same time.
Can I Promote Your Mod on my Website?
Yes and we will be happy if you do so.
Can I Suggest Some ideas for the Mod?
At this time we have managed to create a comprehensive list of units, structures, concepts and ideas for each faction. We are afraid to say that many ideas may overide our ideas and are not opening a suggestions box just yet.
Can I use the assets from Rise of the Reds for my own mod?
You must contact us if you wish to use any of our assets. Contact us via email or contact us at our forums in a Post or Personal Message.
Do I have to pay for Rise of the Reds?
No, It's completely free for download. You must however have C&C Generals and C&C Generals: Zero Hour for the mod to work.
How can I join the team?
Drop us a line in a personal message (forum) or email showing some of your work and tell us why you'd like to help this mod.
I am Getting Serious Errors and my Game crashs after Installing ROTR?
This mostly happens on Zero hour on which other mods have been installed previously. The only solution is to delete the Zero Hour directory usually located in C:\Program Files\EA Games Then reinstall Zero hour, Patch it to 1.04 and then install Rise of the Reds. If you have any further technical issues feel free to contact us at the support forum.
What Version of Zero hour does the Mod Work on?
Rise of the Reds requires Zero Hour to be updated to version 1.04.
When will the next release be for download?
We do not set release dates, but we will notify in at least a weeks notice of the next release.
Where can I download the Original Rise of Europe or original Rise of the Reds?
The original Rise of Europe is not up for download, however you can find the original Rise of the Reds on our webstie though we strongly suggest you wait until newer ROTR versions as it has drastically changed since then.
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